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Amazon Cautions New Echo For Kids Not Yet Replacement For Actual Parent

SEATTLE — While agreeing that the new device comes close to at least being a passable babysitter, Amazon cautioned that its new Echo Dot for kids was not quite ready to replace an actual parent just yet.

“It’s true that the technology driving Echo and Alexa have come a long way, but we don’t feel comfortable saying the Echo Dot Kids Edition is quite ready to fill in for a flesh and blood caregiver. But, that is something we’re diligently pursuing, though,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement.

Bezos added that with each new update, frazzled parents can find relief by offloading more and more parental duties to their kids’ devices.

“Parents need to remember that the Echo Dot is more than just a speaker that tells jokes and stories. Soon, it’ll be able to make your kids to brush their teeth, finish their math homework, or even suggest additional, helpful Amazon products for purchase.”

At publishing time, the online retailer had also announced the Echo Dot’s newest skill would allow it to assume legal guardianship over any one child of their parent’s choice.

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