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Another Light Rail Collision Leaves Officials Baffled That Trains Sharing Roads With Cars Could Possibly Be Anything But Safe

In the wake of yet another light rail collision Thursday morning, Sound Transit officials reportedly found themselves stymied with confusion over how light rail trains traveling over Seattle surface stress, co-mingling with regular vehicle traffic, could possibly be anything but extremely safe for everyone involved.

“We’re not even uncertain. We’re way past that. I’d say we’re actually baffled that this could have happened. Baffled, just baffled,” said Sound Transit spokesman, Geoff Patrick.

The collision between the train and a semi-truck occurred at the intersection of South Norfolk Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, where the track runs down the middle of the street for several miles.

“When we were planning this whole thing out, you know, where to place the track, where to run the trains, the number one question that came up was, ‘What could possibly go wrong with forcing trains and commuter traffic to share the same road?’ The answer to this hypothetical question always came back as, of course, nothing,” said Patrick.

Patrick added he was happy to see that nobody was hurt in this latest incident, but expressed bewilderment that cars and other vehicles kept letting themselves get hit by the trains frequently running along this stretch of road.

“Cars simply have no business trying to compete with trains for valuable road real estate,” he said.

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