Tuesday, September 25
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Area Bigfoot captures grainy, low-resolution cell phone video of human running away

Area Bigfoot Captures Grainy, Low-Resolution Video Of Human Being

On a recent weekend hunting trip, Mason County Sasquatch “Tiny” said he managed to capture a 7.8 second video of a human being, a creature whose existence is hotly debated and controversial.

Sources confirmed that the pixelated video, recorded in 320 x 240 resolution, was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday evening and had already garnered 30,000 views.

“My buddy and I were stalking this deer, and the human just came out of nowhere. He was all hairless and his teeth were small. But luckily I had my cell phone from 2006 out just in time and recorded him running away from us,” said Tiny.

Viewer reaction on YouTube was mixed. One commenter wrote, “Can anyone doubt now that an unknown species of hominid exists in Washington State?”

Another disagreed sharply. “The guy is obviously wearing a human being costume. If you look at the frame 2.8 seconds in, You can make out the zipper that’s hiding the hoax-perpetrator underneath.”

Tiny added that “not that much” alcohol consumption had been involved in the early morning sighting.