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Sticky Gum

Chewed Piece Of Gum Given New Life As Sidewalk Decoration

TACOMA — In a stunning display of expertise and artistic ability, a sticky ball of chewed gum was deftly manipulated into a powerful, dynamic expression of sidewalk creativity.

“After being launched through the air, the gooey little mass came perilously close to landing in a trash can, but thankfully landed on the sidewalk instead. Turns out the flight was all for show — a window into the creator’s unparalleled mastery of his craft,” explained Todd Philips, a witness of the work.

The transformation that followed was nothing less than astounding to watch, according to sources. With the gum being smushed into the pavement by the maestro’s boot, onlookers were treated to an impressive metamorphosis, in which something normally considered worthless blossoms in to a wondrous fixture of modern city art.

“I only wish I could meet the tortured, soulful artist behind this elaborate piece. But like many other great works of art though, this one is anonymous.”

At press time however, the flattened piece of gum, still bearing the shoe imprint of the unknown genius, had unfortunately been scraped up into a black bag by a city maintenance worker.