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Couple Gently Explains to Satan That The Christmas Letter He Received Was Actually Addressed to Someone Else

EVERETT, Wash. — In a tense exchange, and promising that it would never happen again, parents Keith and Jill Danford carefully explained to the Prince of Darkness that the Christmas wish list he received from their son was actually meant to be read by someone else.

“We are so incredibly sorry that your hopes were raised over a little spelling mistake. We normally proofread the letters he writes, but this year, he must have slipped it into the mailbox before we could catch it,” said a visibly trembling Keith, his eyes shying downward as he shrank before the malevolent being’s furious countenance.

“We would completely understand if you wanted to afflict us with painful sores or have a bunch of Sabeans run off with our plowing oxen.”

At press time, a dejected Satan, reeling in pain and the resentment from yet another misaddressed Christmas list, reportedly decided to rip the couple’s house apart piece by piece.

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