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Demanding An End To Violence, Washington’s Unborn Plan Walkout Against Planned Parenthood

WA — Disgusted by the senseless murder of unborn children all across the state, nation and world, babies inhabiting thousands of Washington wombs announced Monday they would be participating in a nationwide walkout against abortion mega-provider, Planned Parenthood.

“We live in an age where a so-called non-profit organization is literally making hundreds of millions each year by the grotesque butchering of children living in the womb every day,” said one participating unborn child, adding that it’s something of a medical marvel that Planned Parenthood’s CEO, Cecile Richards, is actually able to sleep at night.

“Instead of being places of nurturing and comfort, mothers’ wombs are now places of violence. Unborn children do not feel safe from death at the hands of Planned Parenthood doctors, recklessly bent on enabling their organization to continue feeding its devilish lust for blood money.”

Many preborn infants, upon speaking to reporters, also indicated plans to call attention to the abortion giant’s hand in exporting the slaughter of the unborn all across the planet.

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