Did you see young Sara in “The Lion’s Cave”? This is how her company goes


13-year-old Sara took all the lions by storm, when on Wednesday evening she pitched her entrepreneurial dream in the DR1 program “Løvens Hule”. Now Sara and her mother tell SE & HØR how it goes with the company today

Most 13-year-olds are busy looking after school, girlfriends and hobbies.

It has 13-year-old Sara too – but the young girl from Gentofte also spends time on something else. 

She is a junior director in her company Kforkage.dk, which sells cake equipment to private and corporate customers.

On Wednesday night, Sara was standing in front of the hard lions in the DR1 success “Løvens Hule” in the hope that some of the lions would help invest money in her entrepreneurial dream.

Sara applied for DKK 450,000 from the lions against 15 percent of her business. The money was needed so she could get help for a full-time employee at the company.

Three of the lions were ready to invest money in Sara’s cake adventures, and the young girl ultimately chose to thank Jesper Buck and Mia Wagner’s investment offer of DKK 675,000 for 30 percent of the company. 

And Sara can also feel that the program was sent last night on DR1. 

– I’ve got a lot of followers on instagram. I’ve got over 2,000 followers now, says a Sara who has a hard time believing it, to SE and HEAR. 

– Wow this is real, she says further. 

Since Sara and her mother were in ‘The Lion’s Cave’ it has gone really well with the cake box. Sara’s mother tells SE & HØR that they have been extremely busy on the webshop during November and December, and it was even without anyone knowing anything about ‘Lion’s cave’.

“It has just been a crazy month,” she says. 

Sara left the Lion’s cave with the two lions she would rather have brought with. 

One of the two lions has already joined the company, and the young entrepreneur has already spoken to Mia Wagner. 

– Mia she has been over in the company once, where we have talked a little, but I haven’t seen Jesper yet, says Sara. 

And there are already big plans for the next step in business. 

– I have to start my own fire. We had planned to make my own crumb line, says Sara and continues. 

– We must have just talked a little with Jesper first. 

12-year-old Sara still cannot fully understand that she was in the Lion’s Cave herself, which she herself has seen several times with her parents, if she could not sleep tonight. 

– I think it was much wilder to see them in reality, and when I was to share those cupcakes out I just thought ‘wow’. 




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