Thursday, November 15
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Facebook Unveils New ‘Tar And Feather’ Button

Facebook Unveils New ‘Tar And Feather’ Button

1 HACKER WAY — Hoping to engender a greater sense of community between online flash mobs and their hapless targets, Facebook announced Monday it was excited to begin rolling out its new ‘Tar and Feather’ button.

“Up until now, purveyors of selective outrage were limited to clicking the angry face button or posting derisive comments. But with this new feature, these same rabble-rousers will be able to foment dozens, if not hundreds, of other people into publicly humiliating the object of their scorn,” said a Facebook representative.

Furthermore, the spokesman added, once the incensed rabble pushes the number of tar and feather reactions above a certain threshold, the target’s profile picture is overlayed with fluffy white feathers until the mob’s anger has dissipated.

“The angry village mob is an important component in any community, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to bring to the Facebook platform. In the end, it’s really just about bringing people together.”

At press time, Facebook was rumored to be considering a ‘Throw Under Bus’ feature as well.