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Family cat honestly didn’t know toddler could turn fish stick into crispy, bread-battered missile

COVINGTON, Wash. — A Covington family’s cat is reeling after learning the house’s resident toddler was able to hurl his golden-brown fish stick with uncanny, bone-jarring precision, according to reports.

“My strategy from the beginning was simple: quietly sneak in and snatch one of those delectable fish sticks before darting off,” said the feline. The cat added he also intended to employ several preemptive purrs to lull the child into a false sense of security before striking.

“Little did I know what the human kitten was capable of, though.”

The toddler reportedly had no intention of being bested out of part of his meal by the family cat.

“I saw what the crafty little devil was planning. That’s when I picked up the fish stick that Momma gave me, aimed for his head, and let it fly,” said the toddler, in a statement to the press.

Witnesses said the piece of breaded cod honed in like a cat-seeking missile, sending its awestruck target skittering away.

At press time, the cat indicated he was crafting a new, even more dastardly scheme for their next encounter.

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