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Father On Roller Skates Hopes To Get Hang Of It Before Kids Do

SPOKANE — Disregarding the stifled chuckles and passing looks of bewilderment from others on the roller rink’s floor, Spokane father on roller skates Jim Murphy, reportedly hoped to get the hang of moving about before his kids did, according to sources.

“Yeah, he’s kind of just shambling around out there like he’s never skated a day in his life,” said one witness, noting, however, that in between frequent falls, occasional cursing, and a good deal of arm flailing, he actually appeared sort of graceful, in a Bambi-on-ice kind of way.

“He’s out there for his kids, so I suppose that’s what matters. Even with a growing bruise count from all the walls he’s smacked into at full speed, at least his heart is in the right place.”

At publishing time, Murphy’s two children were literally skating circles around their still-struggling father, according to eye-witness reports.

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