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Fetid Mud Pit A Bit Apprehensive About Future Right Now

KENT — With rainfall around the Puget Sound predicted to continue to diminish over the next several days, a dank, fetid pit of mud says it’s feeling apprehensive about its prospects for the future.

“I think this has been a really good year for being a smelly nuisance to the local populace, with all this rain and whatnot. But now, with the spring sun blazing high overhead each day, I’m starting to get scared,” said the rotting soup of sodden earth.

“Have you seen the forecast? Bad news for a good mud pit like me.”

The stomach-churning morass remarked, rather dimly, that its hopes of being able to suck the shoes right off anybody unfortunate enough to try stepping in it had practically been dashed at this point.

“I’m afraid it’s going to be a hopeless endeavor if this grotesque sunshine keeps up.”

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