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Free Speech Advocate Absolutely Has No Problem Beating The Crap Out Of People Whose Speech He Doesn’t Like

One of the five people arrested during Saturday’s Patriot Prayer Rally, held in the University of Washington’s Red Square, said that while he vehemently advocates freedom of speech for all, he absolutely has no problem beating the crap out of people whose talk doesn’t fit his fancy.

“I do fully support the First Amendment for everyone who thinks just like I do. But for those who don’t though, well, that’s where the application of overwhelming physical force comes in,” said Matt Roberts, speaking to reporters from the back seat of a UWPD squad car, its flashing blue and red lights illuminating the area.

Roberts added that those holding contrary ideas to his own needed to be barred from any kind of public expression, or, failing that, at the very least pummeled to the point where they’re left crouching and terrified, vainly shielding themselves in anticipation of the next savage blow.

“I’m just not going to tolerate any kind of challenge to my entrenched worldview,” he said. “I didn’t come here so my mind could be expanded and exposed to concepts that might call what I believe in to question, but rather to see my own way of thinking confirmed in the most blissful way possible.”

And that is why, according to Roberts, that those who say thought-provoking things have to mercilessly be beaten into a compliant silence.

“It is the American way, after all,” he smiled.

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