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Guy Pretty Sure This is Ramtha The Enlightened One’s First Personality Cult

YELM, Wash. — Citing a pervasive and obvious lack of skill in rudimentary cult operation, local man Timothy Graves characterized Ramtha The Enlightened One, a 35,000 year-old channeled spirit being from the lost city of Atlantis, as an amateurish cult founder at best.

“I’m pretty sure this is just the Atlantean’s first go at teaching enlightenment through a psychic medium millennia after his death,” said Graves, adding that Ramtha’s main compound in Yelm lacked even basic cultic amenities such as hidden sniper nests and walls topped with coiled razor wire.

“You just know you’re seeing a total rookie operation when only two out of every ten members can actually create their own realities by becoming one with the universal Christ Consciousness.”

Graves went on to say he’s doubtful that more than even a handful of members would be able to use their psychokinetic abilities against compound intruders in any kind of effective way.

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