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First Thanksgiving with TV

Historians discover LCD TV, couch used by Pilgrims to watch Thanksgiving football games

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – Harvard historians announced they had found the implements the Pilgrims used to watch the first Thanksgiving Day football game.

Plymouth storekeeper Bernie Williams came across a scratched flat-screen TV and weathered Futon couch while rifling through his antique store’s basement.

Williams was unsure of the items’ origin or how he acquired them, but nonetheless recognized their significance as historical artifacts.

“I just knew something was important about these two things,” Williams said. “That’s when I called up my amateur historian friend, David Meeks.”

Meeks immediately identified the TV and couch as originating from 17th century New England.

“I knew they were old when I saw them. I wasn’t ready to definitively say they were used by the Pilgrims, though. Not yet. I wanted another pair of eyes to take a look,” said Meeks.

To fully authenticate the find, he reached out to historical experts from Harvard University.

Dr. Ryan Williams, Professor of American History, responded to the query and performed the validation.

“We already had extensive literature on how the Pilgrims enjoyed their Thanksgivings. Now, we have tangible evidence that even in 1621, Americans loved Thanksgiving football just as much as they do today.”

As for how played and who won?

“The NFL record from that time period is a bit sketchy, so we’re not completely sure,” said Williams.