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Kid Really Going For Broke With That Block Tower

Kid Really Going For Broke With That Block Tower

KENT — According to sources close to the family, local kid Mason Larah is really going for broke with that block tower.

With steady eyes and even steadier hands, little Mason gingerly set piece upon piece and layer upon layer.

“He’s just really going all in for this build. It’s been a good 35 minutes already,” said the boy’s mother, as she and several others watched the tower slowly grow to an impressive three feet in height. “I bet it’s going to be almost as tall as he is, if he can manage to not get bored and purposefully knock out one of the load-bearing columns.”

Several more tense minutes passed. At last, with four conical spires placed at the top of each corner, Mason’s engineering marvel was not only complete, but also fully adorned.

“Yep, he really did it. Usually he just gives up at the 20 minute mark and drives a Tonka truck through the thing. We were surprised this time, though.”

At publishing time, the tower lay in ruins after Mason concluded removing several key pieces from the structure would be really fun.