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Kshama Sawant Affirms Belief In 1st Amendment For Kshama Sawant Supporters

SEATTLE — Wishing to lay any allegations permanently to rest, Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant went on the record Thursday to affirm her absolute, unwavering support of the 1st Amendment for every single person who says exactly what she wants to hear.

“Our constitution affords the right of each person who holds my viewpoint to not only give verbal assent to everything I say, but also to support it without question,” Sawant said in a prepared statement.

Sawant reinforced the idea of the 1st Amendment even applying in vigorous town-hall debates, with firm adherents to her worldview being given unrestricted access to speak their minds, unencumbered by differing opinions.

“What’s more, I have no doubt our constitutional framers would vehemently defend my right to only hear what I deem acceptable to hear.”

Sawant went on to say that it’s the American way, after all.

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