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Local Homeowner Demos Top Floor Of House To Lower Property Tax Bill

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Emerging from yet another year of rocketing home values, witnesses confirmed Friday that local homeowner Donald Reed had demolished the top floor of his Lake Stevens home in the hope of reducing his imminent property tax bill.

“My property tax bill, which is due to arrive in less than a month, is going up an absurd 27.7 percent this year. I just can’t afford that kind of increase,” said an irate Reed.

Sources close to the homeowner reported he had expressed repeated concern over changes to education funding that were responsible for higher tax rates across Snohomish County.

“Yeah, with all these changes that I have absolutely no say over, I figured the only sensible thing to do was to drastically reduce the value of my home by removing an entire floor from it.”

Reed added that even with wrecking ball rental fees and associated mess cleanup costs included, he figures he’s still saving money over what he would’ve been paying in extra property taxes this year.

At publishing time, Reed indicated he was also considering installing some “really, really ugly” cabinets to further reduce his tax burden.

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