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Man Currently Photoshopping Image Of UFO Visitation Figures At Least A Few People Will Buy It

SEATTLE — Saying he is close to completing his best somewhat-convincing evidence of alien life visiting our planet yet, photoshopping UFO-enthusiast Bill Sherer is hedging his bets that it will ring true with at least a few people who see it.

“I’m pretty sure that maybe even a small group of people will have their unassailable worldviews blissfully confirmed,” said Sherer, pausing to paste another copy of a bulbous, silvery alien spacecraft onto an image of a sunny and clear Seattle skyline, and then carefully resizing it for added realism.

“With any bit of luck, maybe this photo will force the government to acknowledge what it’s been hiding all these years.”

At publishing time, Sherer, while still putting a few final polishing touches on to his carefully crafted scene, concluded that laser beams and exploding buildings might be just a bit too much.

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