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Man Really Hopes They Don’t Abruptly Cancel Solo Movie Like They Did Firefly

PUYALLUP — Upon seeing the newest trailer for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ on YouTube, local Star Wars fan Michael Bevins voiced concern that the movie could be terminated prematurely and without warning, to the outrage of fans across the globe.

“Being described as a ‘space-western’, this movie definitely has a serious Firefly vibe going for it. It looks awesome, but I’m frankly worried it’s just going to end up canceled before any significant plotlines are wrapped up,” said Bevins.

Bevins remembers the anguish he felt when Fox canceled the Firefly series back in 2003, leaving the story essentially unfinished.

“I really hope they don’t stop the thing right smack in the middle. If that happens, then we’ll never know what happens to Han, Chewie, or Millennium Falcon.”

At press time, the movie had indeed been canceled halfway through, but luckily, a rabid fanbase prompted Disney to begin producing a followup movie that wraps the story up nicely.

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