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Man Stealing From Amazon Go Store Expresses Amazement That Nobody Even Tried To Stop Him From Leaving

A man expressed unabashed amazement that he wasn’t prevented from simply walking out of Seattle’s new Amazon Go store with several items covertly stuffed into his jacket’s pockets.

The man, later identified as Chris Robertson of Lynnwood, 34, was seen casting nervous glances around the room as he packed three yogurts, a salad bowl, and a pastrami sandwich into his clothing, eye witnesses say.

“We could all see the guilty look on his face as he used one hand to deftly swipe items from the shelves and then squirrel them away,” said one onlooker.

That’s when the apparent thief started to become more brazen by grabbing several granola bars as well.

Security footage revealed Robertson then headed for the door, shaking his head and muttering, “It’s amazing that nobody is even trying to stop me from leaving right now.”

After that he was out the front door, making a mad dash along the sidewalk for a friend’s getaway car that was waiting around the corner.

“We all just kind of shrugged at that point. The guy was actually the tenth person this week that acted like he was somehow getting away with stealing from us. He won’t be so happy after he sees his debit card statement though,” said Myers.

Myers hoped that the man enjoyed the experience and added that he was welcome back to the store any time.

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