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Man’s Internet browsing repeatedly interrupted by annoying guy who thinks he’s in charge

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Office worker Blair Frockman found his attempts at using Facebook, eBay, and other websites disrupted by another man’s frequent and numerous demands.

“Here I was, just minding my own business, when this guy just walks up to my desk and tells me to run an inventory report by noon,” said Frockman, in a statement.

“He wasn’t even polite about it. He just ordered it – like he was somehow my boss or something.”

Reports attested that Frockman was also asked to respond to an email, attend a meeting, and even compose a short document on proper safety procedures.

Others in the building indicated that the series of disturbances occurred throughout the day Monday.

“How am I supposed to master Bejeweled Blitz with these constant interruptions?” the baffled man asked of the press.

At press time, Frockman indicated he was considering ear plugs to drown out the powermonger’s grating voice entirely.

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