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New Report Finds Seattle Area Home To Some Of The Most Passive Aggressive Drivers In Nation

A study conducted by AAA concluded Tuesday with what many in our area already know: that the Seattle area harbors some of the most passive aggressive drivers in the entire country.

The survey, which examined the driving habits of 1205 residents from various ages and demographics, found overwhelming evidence that motorists in Western Washington were far more likely to mask their angry feelings, drive sulkily, and at times, deliberately procrastinate, just to assert control over other commuters and make them angry.

“Our findings are very conclusive: Western Washington drivers are some of the most emotionally toxic people on the road,” said a spokesman for the study.

The spokesman went on to explain that Seattle area drivers, more often than not, gave fellow commuters the silent treatment, verbally lamented their own under-appreciated driving skills, and always had to get the last word in, often in the form of praise laced with a subtle undertone of veiled criticism.

“We warn drivers from other areas to stay as far away from these people as possible. If they don’t, they might just find themselves having all the emotional energy simply sucked right out of them.”

RVN attempted to reach a driver for comment, only to receive a dose of guilt-baiting in reply.

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