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Outraged Online Mob Burns In-N-Out Burger's Twitter Page To Ground

Outraged Online Mob Burns In-N-Out Burger’s Twitter Page To Ground

INTERNET — In retaliation for the popular burger chain donating $25,000 to the California GOP, an outraged online mob reportedly burned In-N-Out Burger’s Twitter page to the ground Friday, according to sources.

Despite concerted efforts from firefighters on the scene, the ensuing inferno reduced the company’s social media page to a smoldering pile of rubble within minutes.

A company representative is calling it a total loss.

“We’re all kind of in shock, honestly,” said spokesman Jeremy Buskin in a statement. “I mean, you expect people to disagree with you, but not anything like this.”

In-N-Out Burger is the latest casualty in a host of torchings perpetrated by Twitter users unable to accept that companies don’t only donate to causes they approve of.

“It’s a sad commentary on the total lack of civility in politics today.”

At publishing time, yet another hashtag mob was reportedly indignant about something else, somewhere else.