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Promising Educational Measure Would Require Each Lawmaker To Copy ‘I Will Not Create An Unconstitutional State Income Tax’ One Thousand Times On Class Chalkboard

OLYMPIA — Authored and promoted by several concerned citizen groups throughout the state, a promising educational measure would require all state lawmakers to copy the phrase, “I will not create an unconstitutional state income tax” one thousand times on a classroom chalkboard.

“Our lawmakers need to learn that Article VII, Section 1 of our state’s constitution expressly forbids an income tax in any form, with court decisions since the article’s drafting upholding this mandate,” said Richard Churns, a spokesman for the initiative.

Churns conceded that while previous methods for instructing politicians in this matter have largely met with failure, supporters were hopeful that simple repetition would prove the more effective teacher this time around.

“Our measure would also require each lawmaker to recite the copied phrase regarding taxation entirely from memory — with no peaking allowed,” added Churns.

At press time, 13 lawmakers pushed back against the proposed measure, but fell silent when faced with the prospect of being made to copy the phrase an additional five hundred times.

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