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Promising Toddler Meal Plan Aims To Take One Bite Out Of As Many Apples As Possible

PUYALLUP — Calling it the young child’s most ambitious eating plan yet, sources confirmed Tuesday that little Robbie McHellon, 2, planned to take one bite out of as many apples he could possibly get his tiny hands around.

“There’s no question that the little guy is going to sink his teeth into easily 20 or 30 of the plump red fruits,” said Robbie’s father, adding that he fully expects Robbie, after savoring every juicy and delicious bite, to leave the apples in randomly selected locations throughout the house.

“I know the new program will work, and that’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see it expanded to include bananas or containers of yogurt as well.”

At press time, Robbie’s eating plan had moved in a different direction entirely, this time in the way of a box of Kix being scattered across the dining room floor and a few half-full bowls of milk.

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