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Shopper Snags Oddly Vacant Blue And White Parking Spot Right Up Front

TUKWILA, Wash. — Hardly able to believe his good fortune a mere day before Christmas, a lucky Simon Handel managed to apprehend a mysteriously empty, blue and white painted parking spot right up front.

“I’m honestly kind of baffled that the spot hadn’t been taken already, but I’m not one to question when something this nice just lands in my lap,” said a joyous Handel, adding that the space, pleasantly adorned with a mural of white wheelchair set against a bright shade of blue, was also conveniently located just a few yards from the his favorite Target’s busy front doors.

“Of course, some of those envious types looked pretty miffed when they saw me dance with excitement, but I wasn’t going to let the petty glares of a few miserable people ruin a good thing.”

Some time later however, Handel found his joy under assault again after seeing a handwritten note, likely dripping with a passive-aggressive tone, tucked under a wiper blade.

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