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Sleeping Sounder Passenger Awakens To Find He’s Missed Work, Most Of Following Day

TACOMA — Saying to the woman seated next to him that he only wanted a quick snooze on the way to the office, daily Sounder commuter Richard Bain awoke abruptly to find that, not only had he slept through the trip to Seattle, the ride back, but also a good chunk of the following day.

“I swear, I just wanted to close my eyes for a few minutes. That’s all. I never imagined I’d be out for almost 30 hours straight,” said the bleary eyed man, noticeably slurring his words into a deep yawn.

Bain noted that the gentle knocking motion made by the swiftly moving train made it virtually impossible to remain conscious for more than just a few minutes.

“It’s like if I don’t suck down six cups of black coffee right before boarding, I wake up to find my wife’s filed a missing person report in my absence.”

At press time, a semi-alert Bain, still wrapped in his drool-encrusted red jacket, at long last managed to emerge on to Seattle’s King Street Station platform before realizing he actually needed to hop right back on the next southbound train.

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