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Tens of thousands see their power instantly restored after PSE's 'thoughts and prayers' Tweet

Tens Of Thousands See Their Power Instantly Restored After PSE’s ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Tweet

In the wake of the severe weekend battering from fierce mid-winter winds, customers without electricity throughout Western Washington saw their power instantly restored following a Tweet from Puget Sound Energy, promising that the agency’s “thoughts and prayers” were with those effected by the storm.

After the Tweet, which read, “Our thoughts and prayers are with those effected by this weekend’s windstorm”, was sent out, more than 160,000 homes came back to life at once, fully energized as if nothing had happened at all to interrupt their flow of electricity.

“Seeing that Tweet come up on my phone, and then seeing my house’s lights flicker on all around me, was almost too coincidental in my book. There’s just no way that the two events aren’t somehow connected,” said Kitsap County resident, Corinne MacDonald.

MacDonald said she was pleased to see PSE adopting the language of the nation’s politicians speaking in regard to national tragedies.

“It’s honestly refreshing to hear that PSE has people in their thoughts and prayers, too. This magical phrase, used all the time by those in our government who don’t want to appear uncaring to their constituents, simply has too much power to not be used whenever possible,” she added.

After all, says MacDonald, thoughts and prayers, combined with the passivity of deliberate inaction, unquestioningly form the basis of how God wishes to see those on Earth love and behave toward one another.