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‘There’s Just One Last Thing I’ll Have To Settle,’ Whispers Ed Murray Closing In On Ashen-Faced Attorney

SEATTLE — Emerging suddenly from the darkest corner of the room more quietly than the shadows he had been enveloped in, disgraced former Seattle mayor Ed Murray whispered Thursday, “There’s just one last thing I’ll have to settle,” as he steadily closed in on ashen-faced attorney Steve Fogg.

“Now that you’re all alone Steve, I can deal with your failure the right way,” said Murray, his face a coolly dispassionate mask as he stepped ever closer to his intended victim, who was by now shrinking in abject horror.

“There’s no escape for you now, I’m afraid. You should have left when you had the chance — before you all but acknowledged my guilt before this entire city.”

At publishing time, a cowering Fogg, whimpering and begging to be given just one more chance, reportedly made no further sound as Murray’s clammy hands closed about his neck.

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