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Utterly Exhausted Husband Recovering After Wife’s Grueling Birthing Experience

EATONVILLE, Wash. — Calling it one of the most physically trying experiences of his life, a thoroughly sapped Ricky Thomas is reportedly resting comfortably after watching his wife labor for several hours before giving birth.

“I know everyone believes actual labor is pretty intense, but I think just about any husband will tell you that watching someone else do all the work is by far more taxing,” said Thomas in a statement, pausing to explain between deep yawns and bleary eyes that with the birth now behind him, he could finally begin recuperating valuable energy he’d expended during the experience.

“All in all, I’m pretty beat. More than you’d guess, even. But knowing it’s a crucial part of bringing new life into the world makes all the exhaustion and labor-watching pains worth it.”

Thomas went on to offhandedly indicate that his wife and new son were doing pretty well, too.

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