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Visiting Portland driver baffled that his gas wasn’t pumped for him

OLYMPIA, Wash. – In a tragic display of cultural ignorance, Portland area man Robert Bedward, 56, reportedly waited several hours for an Olympia Costco employee to fill his 2012 Buick Regal’s gas tank on Thursday.

Bedward, returning to Portland from his first-ever visit to Washington, had spent the last four days with relatives.

“For the life of me, I just didn’t get it,” said the bewildered Portlandian, reflecting on the incident.

“I pulled in, right up to pump number 16, and rolled down my window. My card was in my hand, and two Costco employees were walking around. I thought I was good to go.”

But then, nothing happened, according to Bedward.

“I waited for seemingly hours. Nobody helped me. Nobody came and took my card. I just sat in my car,” he added.

Angry, confused, and hungry, the flummoxed man started his car back up and made for his familiar home state, in search of someone to pump gas for him.

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