Tuesday, September 25
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Washington residents brace for unprecedented onslaught of dry weather this weekend

Washington Residents Brace For Unprecedented Onslaught Of Dry Weather This Weekend

With a record lack of precipitation predicted for this Saturday and Sunday, residents around Puget Sound are bracing for what may end up being the worst late-winter dry weather system to hit Western Washington in years.

For many, preparations for the unprecedented bout of high pressure have entered a fevered pitch.

“My family and I are preparing for an absolute worst case scenario, one that would have us going to a park down the street for a few hours,” said one concerned man from Federal Way.

“My dejected wife has already started planning on what’s going to go into the picnic basket,” he added.

Others voiced concerns that they may end up doing yard work several weeks ahead of schedule.

“I’ve looked at the forecast, and I can honestly say I’m pretty scared. I’m holding out hope that maybe this one will just blow over, but let’s just say I’ve fueled up my lawnmower in case it doesn’t,” said Mukilteo man Jonathan Frank.

Area weather experts warn that the system is expected to batter the region with high levels of sunshine well into Sunday evening, possibly longer if some models hold true.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a weather system like this. It’s got a lot of people worried — really worried,” expressed University of Washington meteorologist Janine Vandeburg.

“Whatever you end up being forced to do this weekend, have hope that more rain is always just around the bend.”