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Western Washington man triumphantly mounts car's tire chains for first time ever

Western Washington Man Triumphantly Mounts Car’s Tire Chains For First Time Ever

In a blaze of invigorating, fist-pumping triumph, Thurston County resident Donald “Razzie” Phillips experience a thrill like none other when he discovered that his car’s tire chains interlocked seamlessly, thus providing unsurpassed traction on ice-covered local roads.

“It was just this amazing moment of pure awesomeness,” said Phillips, who reportedly took several congratulatory selfies next to the chained up wheel before posting the images to Facebook, hoping to spur others on in attempting to do the same with their vehicles.

The chains, according to Phillips, were purchased three years ago for his 2010 Toyota Corolla as a precaution for traversing the icy mountain passes that normally require more than just all-season radials. However, they never had to be used, he says. That is, until now.

The late February cold-snap that’s chilled areas south of Seattle for the better part of a week made them necessary.

“I was completely stuck. Thankfully, the little hooks just came together and wrapped around both of my front tires like gloves. It’s like the chains were specially made for my exact size of tire or something. A pretty amazing coincidence,” he added.

And the moment Phillips got behind the wheel to bravely ascend the steep, ice-covered hill between him and his office, with his Toyota’s engine roaring and metal coated drive wheels biting into the ice and snowpack?

“Pure bliss. Just pure bliss.”