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WSDOT Confirms 'U SUCK' Message To Drivers Was Freudian Slip

WSDOT Confirms ‘U SUCK’ Message To Drivers Was Classic Freudian Slip

SEATTLE — In an unexpected but refreshingly candid admission of what most Washington drivers already consider to be obvious, the Washington State Department of Transportation confirmed Friday that the well-known ‘U SUCK’ message posted to a southbound I-5 digital road sign was indeed a classic Freudian Slip.

“We are prepared to fully admit that the message we posted earlier this week was an accidental revealing of WSDOT’s subconscious feelings for our state’s drivers,” said a spokesman for the agency.

The spokesman also noted that the slip was the result of a training error, in which the offending employee hadn’t yet developed the discipline to guard against unintentionally exposing the department’s darkest thoughts and emotions to the light of public knowledge.

“The people of this state can rest assured that this kind of oversight won’t happen again.”

At press time, several messages of a decidedly passive-aggressive nature had been seen emblazoned on digital road signs throughout the state.