Sunday, September 23
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WSP Reaper Drone

WSP to begin drone striking vehicles that left-lane camp

The Washington State Patrol announced Friday that it would be employing its new MQ-9 Reaper drone force in an effort to crack down on drivers camping in left lanes.

An agency representative stated that drivers should keep to the right, except when passing.

“Failure to comply,” he stated, “could result in immediate destruction through a Hellfire air-to-ground missile strike.”

The State Patrol’s new enforcement push comes as a response to a bevy of complaints, most of which lament that more campers aren’t instantly vaporized by tactical weapons fire.

“I’m glad that the WSP is finally getting around to doing this. We’ve had this law on the books for ten years now,” said one driver.

“It’s about time those annoying left-lane campers were simply blown out of my way,” he added.

WSP stated that if you’re driving slow in the left lane and hear the sound of an aircraft above you, it might already be too late.